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The Ins and Outs of Colonoscopy

The age-old adage goes that health is wealth. While things may seem perfectly fine on the outside, something just might be wrong inside. What you can’t see can definitely hurt you. One such malady that can strike without warning is cancer. We all know of its horrors. Unfortunately, most patients don’t get diagnosed until the later stages. The question is what to do about it in terms of prevention and cure.

Prevention and Detection

With modern-day medicine and all the tools available today, early detection remains a reliable option to possibly save one’s life. This is especially true with colon cancer, one of the leading types of cancer afflictions.


How exactly do doctors detect early signs of colon cancer?

Colorectal surgeons or gastroenterologists are able to perform surveillance checks of the rectum and colon through the use of a colonoscope. It affords doctors the chance for biopsies and the removal of possible cancer lesions because of the visual diagnosis. The treatment is virtually pain-free; patients won’t be subjected to severe discomfort. Doctors may successfully remove polyps the size of a single millimetre thanks to the colonoscope.

The American Cancer Society “Guidelines for the Early Detection of Cancer” recommends a scheduled colonoscopy every 10 years or a CT Colonography– virtual colonoscopy – every five years. This is done to rid your colon of cancerous polyps, which can cause trouble over time.

Treatment and medication

Common problems that require colonoscopy are abdominal pain, diarrhea, and blood in the stool. Early detection means early treatment so you can deal with the problem before it gets a chance to spread. This may also mean you get to have the opportunity to enjoy a longer and healthier life.

By staying active, eating plenty of fiber, and toning down on the alcohol and processed food, you can stay healthy inside as well as outside.

Ayala Center MRT Station

Why It’s More than Fun in Makati: The Philippines’s Top Financial District

Yearning for some place warm and sunny? Then head out to the Philippines for a fun-filled lifestyle like no other!

The country is mostly known as a haven in Southeast Asia due its tropical climate and diverse flora and fauna. In addition to its perfect climate and numerous scenic destinations, another feature that stands out most is the great character of the people. You may have heard of the famous “Filipino hospitality,” but beyond that, they’re also loving, warm, hardworking, fun-loving, and extremely family-oriented.

What makes the country even more appealing is its interesting blend of traditional and modern elements. Its major cities house hotels, amenities, and towering skyscrapers that measure up to global standards, but they still have something to offer for those on a limited budget. There are affordable houses for rent situated near important establishments.

One perfect example is the city of Makati, known as the country’s business capital and the most flourishing financial district.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider renting a house and relocating in this major Philippine city:

Ayala Center MRT Station

Close Proximity to Luxury and Lifestyle Malls

If you live an active lifestyle, the city won’t leave you feeling all bored. Go out of your Makati rented house and have fun in over 60,000 recreational establishments, including but not limited to sprawling shopping malls, movie houses, and restaurants and other dining places.

Dynamic Culture, Art, and Music Scene

Expect good live music experience in some of the best bars and hangout places in the city. Some of the most talented local bands frequent the city and perform live music on a makeshift stage with either a chill or a rowdy but fun-loving vibe. Auditoriums and art galleries are also built to satisfy any culture craving.

Convenience of Public Transport

The city has pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and underpasses to manage the flow of traffic. Common modes of transportation, such as the Metro Rail Transit (MRT), public buses, and jeepneys are easily accessible.

Saltbox roof

Finding the Right Roof Style for Your Home

Roofing is one of the few things homeowners tend to forget when designing and building their homes. Some move into furnished homes where the shape of the roof is already fixed. Nevertheless, you can benefit from learning certain roof types and their advantages. There are many different roofing types in Bronx, so you must know which one matches your home.


A Saltbox Bronx roofing style is one of the most beautiful and interesting roof types. It’s an asymmetrical, long-pitched roof with one short side and one very long side. Go for this if you want a home that’s one storey in height on one side and two storeys on the other.

Saltbox roof

Mansard Roof

This French style roof allows additional living or storage space at the top of the house. This is made up of four slopes, two on each side of the home. The lower slope is a steeper, more vertical slope than the upper one. It’s the best choice if you want the upper slope to be visible from the ground.

Pyramid Roof

As the name suggests, this roof type is shaped like a pyramid. This type is usually used on small portions or on small structures such as a garage or pool house.

Skillion Roof

This roof type looks like half of a triangular roof or a flat roof that has been inclined slightly. It’s often used on just a portion of the home. One modern architectural option is to use this on a multi-level home to create unique shapes and patterns for the home’s exterior.

Flat Roof

A flat roof is easier to construct and generally more accessible. The main drawback is that it requires more maintenance because debris will gather with nowhere to go. It looks elegant and modern, though.

In the end, your roof type will depend on what will make your home exterior more beautiful. Hire a roof contractor if you want a professional opinion.


Okay, Go!: 4 Tips for Treadmill Safety

Treadmills are effective for cardiovascular exercise, but as with other gym equipment, these can cause injuries if not used properly. Ensure your safety by observing safety guidelines.

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when using the machine:


Don’t Jump Off the Machine

Don’t compromise your safety by jumping off the machine in haste. Use the emergency stop button to pause or stop the machine and get off properly.

Look Forward

It’s normal to look at your feet when running outdoors, but don’t do the same when using a treadmill. You may lose your balance and slip or fall if you keep looking down. Either look forward or keep your eyes focused on the console display.

Stand Right

Stand right and keep your feet on standby on the steady platforms on both sides of the moving belt. When the treadmill display starts to count down, step carefully onto the moving belt. Keep your hands on the rails and steady your balance while selecting your desired program and settings.

Don’t Rely on the Hand Rails

You can let go of the hand rails as soon as you’ve found your pace. You can move more naturally if you swing your arms freely. Relying on the handrails too much may strain your elbows and shoulders, and may reduce the amount of calories you burn during a workout.

Follow the proper safety guidelines when using a treadmill to minimize the risk of injury and to get the most of your workouts.

dirt bike rider

A Newbie’s Guide to Dirt Bike Riding

In case you have a deep passion for the outdoors and adventures, you should put riding on a dirt bike on your bucket list. Motocross can give you a one-of-a-kind adrenaline rush, and experiencing it is surely rewarding. But before you even get excited about it, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

dirt bike rider

Safety Equipment

Don’t think of motocross as a simple hobby. Sure, it is exciting, but it can be highly dangerous. Even the most seasoned riders put on Leatt neck braces or go to motocross stores like MXStore for proper safety gear. Among the equipment that should be on your list includes helmet, gloves, shirt with long sleeves, and calves and feet coverings.

Checking the Ride

Perform a pre-ride check before mounting on the bike. It is wise to do the check with a mechanic. Check the bike’s wheels, chassis, brakes, and oil levels. Refer to your manual if you own the bike or check with the owner if you just borrowed it.

Bring Your Own Kit

Bring your kit to the site. The kit should include a spare spark plug, water, snacks, and first aid essentials. Don’t forget to bring your phone just in case you will need help.

Know Your Ground

Get to know the ground your wheels are touching. Stay on trails and even elevations. Don’t attempt to carry out tricks, unless you’re all done with the basics.

Riding a dirt bike may be exciting, but there are some sorts of danger you need to look out for. To ensure your safety, get your accessories from a reliable online motocross store and work with a professional trainer.

business man

What Does it Take to Turn a Bright Idea into a Successful Business?

Not all great business plans turn out to be a profitable or successful business opportunity. The idea of starting a business in Hong Kong may fill you with questions; business is always a risk wherever you happen to start it. Once you’ve come up with your idea, it’s time to face reality and determine whether your plan is a viable option.

business man

Is your idea based on personal experience?

Establishing and running a business is like writing a story. It’s impossible to write a great story that doesn’t come from your personal experience. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos loves computers and showed intense scientific interest at a young age. Google’s Larry Page, on the other hand, has always felt a relationship with computers and that feeling also runs in the family. The best business ideas should come from what is inside you.

Is your idea in a healthy market?

It’s possible to be a successful business owner if you’re in a healthy market. Gather all the necessary information you need for company formation. Working with the Labour Department and company registry firms like HK CORE, is the key to finding the right solutions. If you’re not local, it is best to seek help from a company that is.

Do you have passion and determination?

When determining if your idea will work, it’s important for your experience to intersect with the passion you have. Successful entrepreneurs start businesses in industries they care about. It helps if you’re actually good at one thing.

Nobody is an expert in everything about business. This is why knowing these questions is important, and finding the answers, even more so.

antigravity yoga hammock

Aerial Yoga at Home: Ways to Prepare for Daily Sessions

Exercising is more than an activity you tick off on your to-do list. It’s a way of life that should start at home. There are many ways to start exercising at your place. Following the routines set on DVDs will help you keep up a daily routine. You should also have exercise equipment ready, especially for yoga sessions.

Other than mats and blankets, you’ll also need blocks, bolsters, and straps for advanced poses. You might need additional equipment, however, for other disciplines, such as antigravity yoga. Hammocks and other devices for aerial yoga equipment will be necessary additions to your home gym.


antigravity yoga hammock

The Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock, Image Property of AntiGravityFitness

Ramp Up Your Routine

Trying out aerial yoga moves on your own will help you master difficult poses, but think about your own safety when exercising on your own. It’s best to enroll in an Antigravity Fitness class or look up information from the Yoga Alliance and USA Yoga Association. Placing thick mats or cushions on areas where you might fall will soften the bumps.

Working a Life of Fitness

A yoga session everyday results to a balanced routine. Study the poses you can do safely at home to work out your muscles without straining them. A visit from your trainer during one of your sessions can point out areas you need to improve on and give pointers about other aerial yoga equipment you should have.

man painting the exterior

Preparing Your House for a Fabulous Painting Project

A good exterior painting project will extend the life of your trims and sidings, and strengthen your home’s exterior. It also increases the curb appeal of your property and its overall value. A house-painting project tops the list of easy home improvements in Perth that increases property value.

man painting the exterior

Whether you’re doing-it-yourself or hiring professional painters in Perth, WA, preparation is important to the success of a house-painting project. Here’s how you can prep your house:

Trim Landscaping

Trim back landscaping to allow painters to access your sidings and trims easily. Plants, especially those that touch your house’s exterior walls, may destroy fresh paint, so it’s important to cut branches or remove planters near the surface.

Remove Items

Remove as many items as you can, including shutters, mailboxes, house numbers, hoses, outdoor furniture, and light fixtures. Protect any items that can’t be removed by covering them up with old newspapers or drop cloths. You can also put newspapers under the areas you plan to paint to protect the surface.

Clean Wall Surfaces

Clean or power wash your walls to remove dust and dirt. Fill in holes or cracks with caulk, and repair all prime surfaces. Make sure the walls are dry before painting to ensure the paint properly sticks.

A house-painting project is a great way to update the look of your home. Choose an accent colour for windows and doors, and a complementary colour for the decorative trims to impress guests and passers-by.

man using a laptop

3 Ways to build a World-Class Digital Store

Now that it’s easier than ever to set up an online store, it seems that everyone is getting in the game. People are shopping more and more online, so sales figures via the web are increasing over time. In Australia, e-commerce sales will increase at a 6.07% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2011 and 2017.

man using a laptop

As a result, the competition will continue to become tougher. This is why many retailers hire SEO companies in Brisbane to help them become a world-class digital retailer.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Create a clear logo

A clear logo is a business card for both start-ups and branded stores. When it comes to online shopping, though, a recognisable logo is a reassuring symbol.

Make your customers trust you

Consumers watch what they spend on. So, it’s natural to expect them to want to know everything they can about the product they are going to buy, the payment methods, the warranties, and many more. According to reliable SEO sources such as Moz, Search Engine Watch, and Bambrick Media, you need to provide all the needed information to help customers make a decision.

Reinforce your brand

A brand is the personality of your business. This is why you should invest time and effort into building yours. Professional SEO companies in Brisbane can work with you to develop your brand and make its popularity grow.

Following these tips can help make your online store the perfect go-to page for potential consumers.

Cigarette butt

Kicking the Habit: How giving up Smoking ensures Good Oral Health

It’s never too late to quit smoking. Deciding to kick the habit is the best decision you can make for your health, and your dentist can help you. Regular dental visits at Alfred Cove can do more than keep your teeth attractive. They can tell you a lot about your overall health, including whether you may be developing a gum disease.

Research shows that the health of your mouth mirrors the condition of your body as a whole. So if you don’t take care of your teeth, it may lead to oral health problems. Smoking may increase your risk from cavities, tooth loss, infected tooth root, and many other problems.

Cigarette butt

Fortunately, the risk of tooth loss and other oral problems decreases after you quit smoking and visit a dentist. Regular Applecross dental care helps keep your mouth healthy. As the authorities on oral health care, dentists can easily spot the damage that cigarettes do to your teeth.

After you stop smoking, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are keeping your mouth and your entire body healthy. So don’t forget to exercise preventative care and schedule regular dental checkups.